How would you like direct assistance from me for your own personal physical, mental, and spiritual growth?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than offering my knowledge, wisdom, and experience to empower you to overcome challenges in your life and help see the world a little clearer. To do this, I offer my time to consult and coach directly, one-on-one.

In our sessions, we can explore:

– Living a happier, healthier life

– Steps to take to boost your mental and physical performance

– How to discover your soul’s purpose and fulfill it

– How to be more courageous

– How to grow your own personal business and get paid for what you really want to be doing in life

– What is really going on in the world today

– Differentiating between false and real science

– How to best navigate humanities quantum leap in evolution

And much, much more…

I guarantee you will get tremendous value out of the time we spend together.


Single Session Consult

– One time call via Skype or Zoom
– Duration: 60 minutes (ish)
– Cost: $60 per session for a limited time!

(Regular $97)

Long Term Coaching

– Comprehensive Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire to be filled out and returned
– Weekly, hour long video coaching session via Skype or Zoom.
– Continuous email support with personalized self-management plans and instructional videos
– Cost: $40 start-up fee & $70 per session for a limited time!

(Regular $60 start up, $100 sessions)


Use the Contact Page, or email [email protected] with inquiries