There are other, very simple and easy ways to support my work. Many have opted to make a donation through PayPal, others have signed up as a patron through the Patreon website service, and another way you can help support is by purchasing your goods trough my universal Amazon affiliate link. PayPal and Patreon are for making monetary donations directly to me (while we still have to deal with this fiat money system!)


PayPal is for those looking to make a single-time donation, while Patreon is for those who are looking to sign up to make monthly contributions. As a bonus for Patreon subscribers, I offer exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes photos, articles, and other neat stuff!
Here are the links:

Amazon Affiliate

My universal Amazon Affiliate link is super simple. The link offered below takes you right to Amazons homepage, and this homepage is associated with my affiliate account, so if you make purchases through it, I get a small percentage. The coolest thing is that it is ZERO extra cost to you. Purchase your supplements, clothes, toilet paper, or whatever else, just doing so through this link helps me when you do. Make sure you bookmark it!

Thank you to everyone supporting me and my cause!