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Well, you just might be able to! I’ve done appearances on radio shows, podcasts, webinars, in-person speaking events, conferences, and more.

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HEALTH consulting

Do you have any questions on diet, exercise, healthy living or mental/physical performance? I have years of experience in health and strength coaching, personal training, and I have learned in-depth what the nutrition and healthcare industry is truly like.
Would you like help with motivation or direction in life or suggestion on how to handle certain situations? I have also experienced a whole lot in life, more than many people have, even at my young age. Not only this, but I have stumbled and fell many times along the way, and have learned much through this.
This has all given me unique and powerful insights to share.
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Understand that you will be getting
my full attention, brutal honesty, and deep insights.

If you are here for me,
then I am here for you.

business Consulting

Do you have questions on social media marketing, entrepreneurship, or how to start sharing your own information on the internet? I grew my own brand into acquiring hundreds of thousand subscribers and millions of engagements across multiple social media platforms in under two years, not to mention becoming fully financially independent doing so.
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